Formosa chocolate shop

Formosa has been open since 2016 and over the years we have developed a loyal clientele in the neighbourhood and further afield.

We take a enormous pride in the quality of our products and in our friendly service – which is at the heart of everything we do.

From the very beginning we have enjoyed a strong association with Leonidas of Belgium who supply our delicious chocolates and with Monmouth Coffee for our fine coffee and tea.

Being a family-based company we haven’t forgotten about the children either, with a yummy collection of treats for them and their friends.

So come and step inside our delicious world, or if you aren’t able to visit the shop you can still enjoy our fine Belgian chocolates through our online service, either delivering to you at home or as gifts to your friends and family or corporate clients.



Flower, Chocolate & Coffee Shop

A truly delicious destination in Maida Vale and online